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Automated Matching Works

Our online candidate matching software is highly sophisticated. Our software matches candidates to jobs continuously at high speed. STAA matches in many different languages and is able to learn new languages quickly.  It helps recruiters to be more productive and do more of what they love to do. Real candidate contact, candidate interviews, and meetings with clients.

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Match all your resumes, real-time with vacancies

Our algorithms work for you day and night. They match all your candidates to jobs automatically. We created multiple matching algorithms for any case; they are adjustable to the recruiters’ needs. This all automates the manual work recruiters have to go through to create longlists and shortlists of candidates. Our software creates longlists automatically.

STAA matches in many  languages

These are the languages that are optimized for now. But, we created our matching software in such a way, that new languages can be optimized quicker than for any other matching tool.

We make our automated matching work in any language!

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Automated CV Matching


We can present the following features of our automated CV matching software that helps recruiters to perform outstandingly.

Real-time and automated

Our matching software works 24/7; our algorithms match these days 19 thousand jobs with 300 thousand candidates. But we can process so much more. Every new vacancy uploaded online generates new matches and big lists of candidates.

Multiple Matching Algorithms

Some jobs require different types of matching than others. To increase the chance of finding great candidates, we created several matching algorithms recruiters can apply to find all types of suitable candidates for any job. If one matching algorithm does not generate (enough) results, you can select another algorithm to create longlists of matching candidates automatically.

Balanced Matching Criteria

The matching algorithms are adjusted to skills, job titles, and anything that is important in a candidate. Next to that, you can edit or create matching algorithms that fit your needs, and what you believe is important in a candidate.

Online Matching Software

Our matching software is accessible through an online, web-based portal. Access STAA anywhere you want, on any device you want.

Intuitive interface

Our matching software is easy to use. It works automatically. But the interfaces there are, are very simple. Adjusting the algorithms is straightforward, selecting a default matching algorithm too, and checking the matched resumes is a piece of cake, due to our beautiful comparison interface.

Experiences with our Matching Software

Anastasiya – General Manager at Lugera Ukraine

Ask any recruiter, what do you like to do? Scanning through resumes? Rating every resume if it is correct, putting notes in the database whether they are good or not? I never get these answers. Recruiters will talk about interviewing candidates and talking to clients about what they need from a new employee. STAA automates the manual recruitment processes, and helps recruiters to do what they love, and become more productive in the meantime:-) 

I am extremely satisfied with the results we generate using STAA. 

Ranya – Recruiter at Adecco Morocco

The cv matching software helps me in my day to day tasks. Many candidates respond to my vacancies, eventhough they are not qualified. The software helps me to match suitable candidates to vacancies in seconds, and in the meantime I can be of better service for all the other candidates who did not make the cut! I can send them all their matched jobs, and when they want, they can send their anonym CV’s to all the companies they are matched to. And when these companies react, my salescolleagues are very happy, because those leads convert even better!

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