How to automate resume matching!

Automate resume matching

In this Recruitment Automation blog, I will talk about how to automate your recruitment process with Resume Matching Software. This is a series of blogs in which I explore different recruitment automation possibilities for recruitment experts. So you can learn in a practical way how to apply Recruitment Automation Software to automate parts of your recruitment process. 

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Why automate resume matching?

As a recruiter, you have a lot to do. You need to execute many different tasks to generate enough candidates for the vacancies you are working on. Hopefully, you can access some nice recruitment automation tools, but mostly you don’t because they cost too much.

For some vacancies, you have hundreds of applicants, and for some of them… nothing. You might have to headhunt, search on social media with a very pricey account. And with this account, the number of messages is limited, and most candidates don’t even bother to reply. Or you have hundreds of applicants who applied to the job, and you have to filter out many candidates. And you have to do that all yourself, and you find yourself working all day scanning through all the resumes yourself.

And as a recruitment executive, you want to improve your recruitment process and make it cost-effective and profitable. That is why you might be thinking of automation. Because how nice would it be to automate parts in the recruitment process so your recruiters can do more?

Well, there is a time-consuming part. You can start automating immediately! And this is sourcing and matching resumes to vacancies to create long lists of candidates. Usually, this is a hell of a job. Because this can take up much time, a couple of hours, until a couple of months, to solve this, you need to automate resume matching and start using Resume Matching Software!

Automated resume matching

How to automate resume matching!

And some sourcing too:)

Today’s review is all about the resume matching feature of STAA. STAA has a couple more features, but this time I will focus on this functionality. In a nutshell, it automatically imports vacancies from job boards, matches them with the resumes in your database, and creates longlists of matching candidates. STAA can save much time that would otherwise be spent on sourcing inside your database, scanning resumes, and creating longlists.

  • Cost: we are now creating a fair and square way for businesses to pay for our service.
  • Time investment: this costs some time, around a week, depending on the speed you deliver the data and the quality of the data.
  • Location: worldwide.

How Resume Matching Software works

So STAA matches candidates’ resumes with vacancies. It sounds simple, but this is a complicated process that consists of several steps. Parsing, translating, and matching are all challenging tasks for machines to do. I will show you how it works step by step with one single CV.

1. upload a resume into STAA

You upload a CV into STAA, which starts the automated resume matching process.

2. Parses resume into keywords and translates it

First, the parsing software reads the resume and extracts keywords. You can see these marked in yellow. Second, the translating software translates them into English, and after that, the matching algorithm will start working. In the screenshot below, you can see that STAA has matched this candidate with ten jobs. So there is a good chance that you can place this candidate immediately.

Automated resume matching

Parsed keywords for the matching process

3. Matches the resume to vacancies

At STAA, we are developing continuously to ensure that our matching algorithm is top-notch so that you can rely on this automated matching functionality. And to illustrate how complicated it is, I can tell that one of the companies who’s document parsers we use wanted to sell us their matching module because they could not keep up with the development. Why we can do it is mostly because we know the recruitment market thoroughly, and we know what to do to make sure the quality of the match is perfect.

The automated matching process costs a lot of calculation power. The machine has to scan many jobs, resumes, and match them. Next to that, we have applied rules to the matching algorithm. This way, we imitate the process a recruiter goes through naturally. And to get to a level we want, we continually teach the system how to match better.

In the circle diagrams below, you see that STAA reaches a matching score of 73% (left) and 83% (right). This means that in 7/8 out of 10 vacancies, you will have a list with matching candidates, which can vary from one candidate to 128 (a limit we decided; increase it if you want). And this matching score improves through usage and data-improvement. The left graph is from one client who just started using it, and the right one is from a client who uses it frequently.

Resume matching software

Number of vacancies in a database with matching resumes.

4. Creates longlists and shows the matching score

After matching, STAA creates a longlist. For this vacancy, STAA has found 37 candidates who qualify, and it has ranked the suited candidates on the matching percentage.

automate resume matching

Automated Matching Example

Automate resume matching and sourcing!

STAA does not automate all the sourcing (social media sourcing is also necessary to do). Still, it automates sourcing inside your database of candidates, and it helps recruiters with a starting point. Because you can imagine: it is easier to start working on a vacancy when the software has found twenty matching candidates instead of zero. You can start contacting candidates immediately!

There is also a new feature coming up. We are busy creating a connection between job boards in every country and STAA. In this way, you can choose to purchase job board resumes that match the job you are working on. Because of this, STAA can help you better, even if you don’t have a large database of resumes.

So that is how Resume Matching Software helps you to increase the productivity of your recruitment department.

Automate resume matching

Automate your Recruitment Process

My ambition is to review more recruitment automation tools. To help you to make an informed decision about what and how to automate specific parts in your recruitment process.

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When you are interested in speeding up your recruitment process and automating resume matching, and more, it is always important to look at your process thoroughly to see where automation is needed. Therefore it is important to schedule a product demonstration with us to see where you can save up a lot of time. We can show you our amazing application so that you can make an informed decision.

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