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Recruitment as you know it will dramatically change in the coming 5 years.
Many software like STAA will become available. Software that is able to harvest all the on-line posted jobs and match all these jobs with qualifying candidates. At present, the matching was the biggest hurdle for a recruitment software, but STAA has overcome all the matching challenges with a breath-taking matching technology.

All the people who have seen just a glimpse of STAA say that it is magic and that it is the beginning of a new era in recruitment.

We think that together we can cover all the market that is now untouched and generate fast revenue for all of our partners. So, let’s have a meeting to details the revenue models and get you on board before it is too late!

Here are your partnership options:

  • Country Partner – become an exclusive license holder for STAA in your country.
  • CV Partner – join STAA and monetize your CV database beyond your imagination.
  • Premium Partner – get STAA for an exclusive region or exclusive business field in your country. 

We give total support:

  • ensure ongoing enhancement of all the functionalities of STAA;
  • program in a timely manner all suggested localisation and customisation;
  • generate a connection with all the domains the Partner has provided if technically and commercially viable;
  • present a transparent, accessible and controllable invoicing and payment solution covering the territory;
  •  give access to Partner for a yearly audit of the revenues, turnover, relevant costs and customer payments;
  •  actively explore and suggest new sales & marketing possibilities;
  •  generate new functionalities;
  •  provide accurate storage of all data;
  •  implement legal compliance based on the input of the partners;
  • ensure user support during business hours.

STAA licenses are limited, so jump on the train before it is too late and ensure yourself a valuable partnership with us!

Download here all the documents to better understand our revenue policy and contact us for details. We would be happy to let you know all that we have prepared for you!

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