Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Applications

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Applications

In this article ‘Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Applications’ you will learn more about the way AI is presented in the hr tech world, what it really is, and what vendors do not tell you, but they should. 

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Applications

Many salespeople in recruitment software try to make you believe that their application is intelligent, AI. But I got, after asking very specific questions, in 99.99% of all cases, very disappointed. My team and I could not find real signs of artificial intelligence in the recently studied recruitment applications.

Google does not have Artificial Intelligence.

Even if you think that Google4Jobs is a new cool AI tool, you are thinking wrong. It runs on quite old-fashioned technology. Old-fashioned because there is no intelligence in it. For the system to work, it requires users to fill in endless forms, comply with all kinds of rules, and without obeying the rules, there is no matching, no search results.

Machine Learning is what people mean when they write about AI. 

Many vendors of recruitment applications like to make you believe they have AI because it sounds beautiful. And their clients love AI, and therefore many vendors write they have it. But what most applications have is Machine Learning.

And there is nothing wrong with Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a great tool to make an application smarter and smarter without that a human being is involved.

How does Machine Learning work?

Sort of like your brain. Imagine you have three different kinds of e-mails which you send to potential candidates informing them about a vacancy. These three different kinds of e-mails you alternate regularly. If you do this for a couple of weeks, you will find out that one e-mail generates more response than the others. And because one of the e-mails has the very best results, you will start using that e-mail most of the time. You have learned something beneficial.

Machine learning works like this. You send out three different e-mail texts, and the application automatically collects all possible information: how fast are responses coming? Are the reactions positive or negative? Is there a difference between the day of the week and the time of sending it? The “machine” (=the application) collects all information (in a way we have it programmed) and makes a decision (also programmed in advance) to use the e-mail, which delivers the desired results.

Does STAA have Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence?

Although we would love to tell you that STAA (Sales & Talent Acquisition Application) is running on AI (we know this is soooo irresistibly sexy), it is still running only on Machine Learning. Be it, state-of-the-art and highly advanced, cutting-edge machine learning technology. And this is not because we don’t like AI or that we don’t believe in it.

Why does STAA not have AI yet?

For being able to apply artificial intelligence, we think that we will need tens of millions of CVs (or resumes) and millions of vacancies (on-line posted jobs). Further, we will need hundreds of millions of actions within the STAA application from STAA users, from license holders and partners in many countries all over the world using a wide variety of languages.

The moment we have a gigantic database of actions, responses, resumes, and vacancies, we can start a process called “data mining.” Analyzing all the information and activities and looking for trends, correlations, and results. And after having gathered all this information and having it explained into detail, we think it is time to apply artificial intelligence in our recruitment application.

Don’t believe all you read, and don’t worry about AI. Machine Learning is cool too.

So, I have warned you when it comes to reviewing software, and your software vendor tries to convince you that their application is AI. Most of them are talking about machine learning. But you don’t have to worry it is “only” machine learning because machine learning can be very advanced too. And most of all, when you look at the most impressive high-tech applications, the users help with the creation of excellent machine learning software.

STAA is full of it. And every day, it is being developed is unparalleled in the field of matching technology and parsing.

When we showed it to one of our very best recruiters, she said, with goosebumps on her skin:

“wow, this is recruitment magic.”

And so STAA is.

All the best,

Gerard Koolen

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