Automate Sourcing with Crowdsourced platforms

In this recruitment automation blog, we will talk about how to automate sourcing with crowdsourced platforms. In this series, I explore different recruitment automation possibilities for you, a recruitment expert. I try them out and give you an honest description of the way it works. So you can learn in a practical way to use applications to automate parts of your recruitment process. 

How-to: Automate Sourcing with Crowdsourced Platforms

Today’s review is about Hire up. A Romanian crowdsourced recruitment platform that enables people to bring in referrals. And you pay people a reward when your client hires the referred candidate.

Even though there is not much automated by this technology, it is still a form of recruitment automation. Because when everything works, you don’t have to spend time sourcing candidates. So the sourcing is being automated. 

  • Cost: no cure, no pay. In case of a successful hire, you pay the reward + 30% platform commission.
  • Time investment: little (create an account and post your jobs)
  • Location: Romania, they have a Romanian network right now.

How the Crowdsourced Platform works

Recruitment agency’s perspective

To start, you need to sign up; that is easy. You fill in your information and press submit. You receive an automated e-mail that the team will contact you. They do that within a day or so. Then you can ask the team some questions and sign the collaboration contract. After that, you’ll get a password, and you can log into your account.

So pretty quickly, you can get started! The process is intuitive and straightforward. To post a job in Hire up, you fill in the details, as you can see in the picture.

When you have published your vacancy, it will look like this on the website. Recommenders can find the vacancy on the first page, or they find it by using the filters.

And when you get a referral, you can see them in your account, right above your job post:

It is important to do one more thing for everything to work better. That is sharing this job post through your social channels. After you have done that and start receiving referred candidates, you work on your regular recruitment activities: examining CVs/ LinkedIn pages, contacting referred candidates, scheduling interviews, interviewing the candidates.

If you hire a candidate referred to you through Hire up, and the candidate passes the trial period of 90 days, you pay the reward to the recommender and a 30% platform commission to Hire up. So there are only costs in the case of a successful hire!

From the referrers perspective

Here you can see a product demo. The founder of Hire up shows how people can recommend a potential candidate for your vacancy. This process is even more simple. You can skip the first minute if you only want to see how the referring works.

Crowdsourced platforms automate sourcing

So that is how this platform helps you to work faster. It is an easy way to increase your productivity and get free exposure. This way, you have some extra ‘recruiters’ working for you on a no cure, no pay basis!

If you are interested in this platform, you can go to their website, create an account and try it out!

Automate your Recruitment process

My ambition is to review more recruitment automation tools. To help you make an informed decision about what and how to automate specific parts in your recruitment process.

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