Biggest Job Board Morocco

job boards Morocco

In this article, you’ll learn which job board is the biggest job board in Morocco, but also which one is the best. Because the bigger the portal is, the faster you can find a great job as there are more vacancies to choose from. 

Biggest Job Boards Morocco

In Morocco, we are crawling a substantial amount of job boards. What we do, well, what STAA does, is download all the vacancies from job portals on which we have built harvesters. In this case, we created harvesters for the job boards you can see in the graph. And STAA measures the number for uploaded vacancies for the past 30 days. Now you can see how big the job portal REALLY is…

biggest job board Morocco 2020

It is nice to see that there are two big job portals and a couple of smaller ones. In Slovakia, it’s different. There they have one massive monopolist and many tiny ones. Read more about the job portals in Slovakia.

The Biggest Job Board in Morocco

Biggest job board Morocco


2nd Biggest Job Board in Morocco

neuvoo jobs morocco

3rd Biggest Job Board in Morocco

job portal Maroc

4th Biggest job portal Morocco

emploi maroc jobs morocco portal

5th in Morocco

job board africa work

6th in Morocco

The smallest job board

novojob job portal Maroc

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