How do I expand my recruitment business?

expand your recruitment business

Many agency owners like to expand their recruitment business. It’s essential for recruitment agencies to increase turnover and profits. If you don’t grow your agency, you stay still. If you don’t improve, your competition will beat you. They will beat you if you don’t increase the productivity of your workforce. So, you need smart software solutions.

With all the technology in the world, there is an exceptional type. There is STAA, and our Sales and Talent Acquisition Application will help your recruiters and salespeople perform better than ever.  

STAA is intelligent software that eliminates repetitive administrative work to increase the productivity of salespeople and recruiters in recruitment agencies. It focuses on solving the problem of boredom. Because recruiters and salespeople need to do a lot of dull and repetitive work.

The old way

If you need more sales, your salespeople have to find new clients. They start looking for job openings online. Then, they try to find contact details to send proposals. To make proposals they’d have recruiters find resumés to make a longlist. To get new clients they’ve got to send countless proposals and e-mails. Besides that, they’ve got some following up to do, meetings and phone calls.  

And recruiters, to prepare the proposals they have to match candidates and send longlists to salespeople. The matching process costs tons of time. They look for resumés in the company database and match them with vacancies. 

The STAA way

What if that administrative part would be done automatically? What if STAA uploads ALL online posted vacancies in your country. Matches them with qualifying candidates. And next to that, communicates with companies and candidates. In seconds? 

In that case, you. will. win. Because you’re faster than your competition. If there’s a new vacancy online, STAA has imported it immediately, matched candidates to it and sends a ready-made message. The rest you can do yourself, but this part of the job, STAA can do better and faster. 

With STAA, your workforce can focus on real, interpersonal client and candidate connections. Not on endless e-mails, longlists, matching exertions robots can do too. 

Do more with less time. Focus on real connections, make more money. Expand your recruitment business.

Get STAA, before it gets you. 


Seize the opportunity to partner with us NOW. Expand your recruitment business NOW! For the launch of our intelligent Sales and Talent Acquisition software, we are looking for partners worldwide. You can contact us through or our application form. Next to that learn more about partnership solutions and our contracts.


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