Job Market Trends Morocco 2020

This article ‘Job Market Trends Morocco 2020’, is all about the job market behavior; the number of added vacancies that month.

Summary number of uploaded jobs on job boards

  • June, between 75 and 270,
  • May, between 90 and 225,
  • April, between 45 and 150,

Trends Job Market 2020 Morocco

Moroccan vacancies added in June 2020

In June spiked at 270 vacancies on the 17th, and 75 on the 16th.

Moroccan vacancies added in May 2020

The number of vacancies is increasing. So in April, the number of uploaded vacancies was between 45 and 150 (not taking the weekend dips into account). In May the lowest point was on the 24th, which was the last day of the Ramadan (Eid al-Fitr). In May the number of vacancies was between 90 (20th) and 225 (26th). This is a good development!

Moroccan vacancies added in April 2020

The graph looks like this because we started last month by crawling the job portal in Morocco. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the trend was already low and it looks somewhat stable. On Wednesday, April the 1st there were uploaded 150 vacancies, and I will compare this number to the lowest point in April, the 17th with 45 vacancies. I wonder what the next month might bring!

job market trends Morocco 2020 april

Trends Job Market 2020 April (source, STAA)

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