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Automate Lead Generation

Our lead generation software is highly sophisticated. STAA searches according to vacancies contact details from hiring companies and the key contact persons realtime, online, and automatically. STAA never stops searching for more contact data for every company there is in your country. To help salespeople become more productive and do more of what they need to be doing. Having meetings with recruitment leads and signing contracts with them.

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Get recruitment leads for online vacancies

Our algorithms work for you day and night. They find all the contact data for vacancies automatically. We created automated lead generation algorithms that search the internet for available contact data and extract all the contact data that is available online. This automates the manual work business developers have to go through to find good leads.


We can present the following features of our automated lead generation software that will help your sales team to perform outstandingly.

Real-time and automated

Our recruitment lead generation algorithms work 24/7; right now they find thousands of contact details of 19 thousand vacancies every day. But we can do much more. Every new vacancy uploaded online generates more contact data, huge lists of potential clients every second.

Automatically Match Leads to Vacancies

The software matches recruitment leads automatically to vacancies. STAA connects all the different leads to one company and organizes all these leads.

Active Search

STAA searches for recruitment leads actively.  STAA actively searches contact data online, so your salespeople can target recruitment leads proactively.

Online Lead Generation Software

Our lead generating software is accessible through an online, web-based portal. Find and contact leads anywhere you want, on any device you want.

Intuitive interface

Our lead generating software is easy to use. It works automatically. But the interface is simple. You can easily adjust the leads per vacancy. Add more contact persons to one vacancy with a simple drop-down menu. Adjusting the contact data is straightforward. The lead generation software is seamlessly integrated in all the STAA features.

Experiences with our Lead Generation Software

Saad – Business Developer at Adecco Morocco

STAA helps me to send emails to many leads at the same time. Whenever I need to contact more leads, I start up STAA and start contacting them. STAA has helped me reach more than my target, and I have been in meetings and signing contracts contiuously. 

Anastasyia – General Manager at Lugera Ukraine

The lead generation software has helped us thrive. We were able to sell so much, that we had hire six recruiters to be able to fulfill the demand! 


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