How to Achieve Revenue Growth with your Recruitment Agency?

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Learn from our founder and Group Managing Partner of Lugera, GIT Consult, Avanta Russia, and Ukraine (total revenue 130 million euros) how to achieve revenue growth for your recruitment agency. 

How to Achieve Revenue Growth, again?

Losing Clients and Candidates. Business Going Down. What’s Next? These are no easy times for recruiters. Whether we are a permanent staffing agency, a temporary staffing agency: we all have your fair share of problems and challenges on our plate. We don’t only face an economic set-back; we also have to deal with anxious colleagues, clients, and candidates. We have to deal with governments who have lost their nerves and regularly impose new and contradictory rules. And in the meantime, we all see our recruitment agency’s growth in revenue and profits stop. Even worse, we see it decline. We see our freedom being limited week by week.

This crisis leaves nobody untouched..

—both in our professional and personal lives.

This crisis and its effects are all beyond our sphere of influence. There is nothing we can do about it. Does this mean that we are helpless? Does it mean we can not realize our goals and our dreams anymore? No. Still, we have options and many opportunities. There are ways to fight and beat this crisis. There are certainly ways we can realize our dreams and professional goals. Perhaps even, if you dare, you can step up your goals. Perhaps, the time is now to start achieving your boldest ambitions you have for yourself and your company. Because when the world is in a crisis, the (hidden) opportunities are the biggest.

What were your ambitions?

Before this crisis happened? As an Agency Owner or General Manager, I assume you planned for 2020 a nice profit and revenue growth for your recruitment agency. Most likely, 2019 was a great year, and you were probably optimistic for 2020. The many leaders I know from agencies planned a double-digit growth of their revenue and profits.

But now, for many of us, this crisis is not about achieving double-digit growth anymore. It became a bigger or lesser extent, struggle for survival. Or fighting to consolidate, to keep what we have.

Many of us might not even dare to dream about fulfilling our original plans for 2020. But…is it necessarily like that? What if there are ways to generate a healthy profit and revenue growth for your recruitment agency? Are there ways how to beat the odds?

Innovative recruitment technology realizing your goals for 2020

There is a lot of innovation going on in the recruitment industry. Have a look at, and you will be amazed by the massive amount of recruitment applications that are all at your disposal. Yet, one software solution you will not find there because it is brand new. And not readily available for external clients. It is only available for a small group of privileged recruitment agencies who have been carefully selected and are now running on this application.

The stories of 3 Agencies

Three recruitment agencies in three very different countries are running on this very new application: STAA ( & Read here what Anastasiya has to share with us about the results of working with STAA:

“Since the lock-down and because of all the other measurements from the Ukrainian and other European governments, our order volume for permanent staffing dried-up. Many clients postponed their hiring decisions and, for many months, no new incoming business anymore. Then, in April, we started to use the lead generation functionality of STAA. The first month it didn’t work. We invested a lot of time and work but no results in terms of new clients, no orders for new vacancies. But gradually, we started to understand the immense power and opportunities of STAA, and in May, we were getting 2 to 3 new clients per week. For Permanent Staffing. More than we ever got, even in the good times. That made us enthusiastic, and we intensified working with STAA. And the more we use STAA, the better we get with it. At present, and this is just unbelievable, I never dared to dream about this. We are having, on average, two incoming requests per day for both permanent and temporary staffing. In June this year, our profit is bigger than our profit in June 2019. We are now aiming again to reach our very ambitious plans we set for 2020. We will have to compensate for the loss of the first couple of months of this year, but I think we can even outperform our plans”.

We don’t care anymore about Corona and our anxious governments.

With STAA, we have found the optimal recruitment tool against Corona and all the destructive measurements that confront us. STAA helps us to bring our company to the next level. A crisis resistant business model which every permanent and temporary staffing agency can apply. Now that we have STAA, we can realize our ambitions, and we do not have to worry anymore about the harmful effects of the crisis that face us. I can smile again, and I can have trust in the future again. Despite all the negative news on television and social media, we can work again for a better future.

We can’t rely on our governments; we can rely on STAA.

For keeping our businesses alive and healthy, we can’t rely on our governments. They let us down because they impose one catastrophic regulation after the other on us. They hardly give financial support, although they receive billions and billions from the European Union. We are left on our own. Luckily now we can apply STAA. And because of the crisis, we have decided to make STAA available to every recruitment agency who wants STAA, and although STAA is still in its BETA version and external companies were not supposed to get it so soon, we decided to make it available to any agency applying for it.

STAA is made available for external recruitment agencies

Against our original plan of first keeping it for a small selected and exclusive group of privileged recruitment agencies, we now decided to make STAA available for every agency that seeks a way out of this crisis. For every recruitment agency that wants to achieve growth in revenue and profit. STAA can be of rescue for many agencies all over the world who are now in (big) trouble. Just contact us at:

1 Step 1

Be Ahead of Your Competitors

STAA does not only beat the odds and does not only beat the crisis. It will also differentiate you totally from your competition. While they will keep on struggling and losing business, you will make sure to generate profit and revenue growth for your recruitment agency. And your competition will have no idea how you are doing this.

You can even make 2020 your best year ever. Call me on +31622959248 or

How Does STAA Work?

STAA stands for Sales & Talent Acquisition Application, and it helps you to triple, quadruple your sales, and it helps your recruiters to triple, quadruple their placements. Or more. Depending on how you use STAA.

STAA is a very complex recruitment application but surprisingly easy for the user. STAA applies the newest technology, and certain features are unique. Unique in the sense that there is not a single application on this world that has this level of technology. Not even Google.

STAA harvests all the vacancies in your country. STAA identifies the contact person and the e-mail address of the company that posted the vacancy. STAA matches these vacancies with relevant candidates from (your) database. STAA communicates with the companies and the job seekers automatically.

STAA makes a long-list of relevant candidates within seconds. For all the vacancies in your country.

STAA can communicate with all the companies in your country, posting job ads. In seconds.

STAA can identify all the new vacancies every day in your country even when there are 50.000 new vacancies per day. STAA sends your offer to all these 50.000 prospects. And STAA can match all these 50.000 vacancies with millions of candidates. All within seconds. All at a quality which a human being could never do.

STAA reads any kind of CV or Vacancy document. STAA understands nearly every language. But what STAA makes stand-out is the matching technology. STAA is so advanced and so good that it even surprises us, again and again. STAA is machine learning, AI, parsing technology, matching technology, and communication technology. It is a blend of many third-party applications, empowered with a unique matching technology, which is our signature dish.

Ask me for a product demonstration, and in 10 minutes, you will understand that there are no words to describe the power of STAA.

Is it easy to apply to your company? Yes and no. Easy because within a couple of days, you have STAA up and running. But it is not easy to harness its power. Imagine what will happen if you give the keys of your Ferrari to 10-year-old kiddo. STAA is so powerful that you have to take it easy for the first couple of months. STAA is so innovative that it requires new thinking from you and your staff. And to overcome this is the most difficult of all. But don’t worry, we are by your side., +31622959248

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