Talent Acquisition Product Demo

Talent Acquisition Product Demo

Are you looking for a Sales and Talent Acquisition Product Demo?  If you do, we would love to show you the specifics of our Sales & Talent Acquisition Application and in which ways we can help you.  

When you are looking for the perfect HR tech tool for your company, you need to examine this tool thoroughly. Understandably, you need to make sure an application will generate the results you want.

Sales & Talent Acquisition Product Demo

Therefore, if you are interested in a demo of our Sales & Talent Application – STAA, we are happy to give you one. That is why you can always contact us. It is possible to get together in person or have a conversation online. We can send you a ZOOM link or connect through Skype and present you with our product. To make an appointment, you can always schedule a Live Demo. You can also contact Gerard Koolen directly as he usually provides the product demonstrations. Thus you can contact him directly gerard.koolen@lugera.com, but I can give a presentation too if you like michelle.koolen@thejobberpartnership.com.

Product Demo video

However, I understand that it is more efficient first to watch a video, or read a little more about an application before you want to meet. For that purpose, we created a short product demonstration.

Articles about STAA

And of course, it is helpful to read a little bit more about our application:

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