The Secret of Successful Sales

Secret of Successful Sales

The number one secret of successful sales is: Sales is a numbers game, and consistency is very beneficial to that.

The secret of Successful Sales

But before you can be consistent, and before you can make it a numbers game, you will need one more essential feature. Without this, your success in sales will be diminished to 20% of selling 80% of all salespeople are doing.

1st Secret of Successful Sales: Target Group

This feature is having a well-defined target group of prospects and their contact details. If you do not have this… to whom are you selling? And how big should this group be? As big as possible. And the longer the buying or decision-making cycle is, the bigger your group of prospects should be. The smaller the purchase amount is, the bigger the group should be. The lower your gross margin is, the bigger the group should be.

2nd Secret of Successful Sales: Be consistent and show-up.

Prospects don’t need you. They already have one or more suppliers for what you offer, and the chance is huge that they are quite happy with these suppliers. This means that unless you have a unique offering with which they cannot live without, you need to catch their attention, proof you are worth talking to, and that you are a much better choice.

3rd Secret of Successful Sales: Most salespeople screw up themselves.

Regardless of what you sell, some fundamentals will have your prospects buy from you. Sooner or later, if you don’t screw up. And most salespeople are their own worst enemies (not the competition, not the client).

4th Secret of Successful Sales: You sell after your 7th attempt, don’t stop before that.

Studies show that deals are made with prospects after the 7th attempt. Most salespeople give up after attempt 5. This is why 20% of all salespeople realize 80% of all sales. The majority of salespeople don’t have a well-defined target group and give up their sales efforts after they have been declined by their prospect several times.

5th Secret of Successful Sales: You have to show up, be friendly, and say YES.

Salespeople make it very complicated for themselves. They study customer behavior. They study the numerous purchase and personality profiles; they study all kinds of sales strategies; they study how to manipulate the decision-making progress. Still, they forget about three necessary success keys. If you master these, if you act upon these simple three factors, you will make all the sales you want:

  1. Show-up. If you are not in front of your prospect, he cannot and will not buy from you. So be visible on social media, have your blog, be in your prospect’s inbox, in your prospect’s phone, meet your prospects at events, lunch & dinner your prospect. How obvious and how few salespeople consistently do this.
  2. Be friendly. Let me tell you a secret. Prospects like to buy from people they like. They avoid buying from people (no matter how professional they are, no matter how excellent their service or product is) whom they don’t like. They buy from people they trust. With whom they can have a great conversation. They love to buy from people who make them feel good. They like to buy from a human being. Not from a cold-faced, fake-smiling, continuously talking, contractual sales machine – which many salespeople think they should be. Clients love to buy an excellent service from a friend. They even buy from a friend when the service is not that good as yours is. Be friendly.
  3. Say YES. And this means that you have to give your prospect solutions. The NO-assortment of most salespeople is big. Salespeople screw up for themselves by telling their prospects NO: we can’t do this, we never do this, we can only do it like this, we have no capacity; its bigger than their YES-assortment. While yes, it is a much easier word. It is much more helpful. NO is a dead-end street. YES is the start of opportunity and an abundance of sales.

Secret of Successful Sales

6th Secret of Successful Sales: Sales prosper with consistency.

Consistency is the magic word in sales. But 80% of all salespeople don’t know what it means and probably don’t know how to write it, don’t know how to pronounce it. Consistency in building your target-group of prospects. Consistency in showing up, in being friendly, and in saying YES. And the more you do this, all the quality of you as a salesperson in all its magnitude will increase and increase and increase.

Sales heaven is within reach. You just have to become smart!


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