Technology terms for Recruiters

technology terms for recruiters

In this article, you’ll find all the recruitment technology terms recruiters need to know!

Recruitment agencies and HR departments are preparing to change some manual work to automated work for efficiency. If you’re a recruiter who is eager to future-proof your company, you need to learn these technology terms for recruiters! We’ve made a list that might be useful to you!

Technology terms for recruiters


An Algorithm is a procedure or formula that takes inputs through a sequence of steps to produce output in order to solve a problem. The simplest form in recruiting is Boolean search. You type search words into the search engine from your ATS and it generates a list of candidates.

Artificial Intelligence or AI

is intelligence displayed by computers, like the ability to think and learn. Basically it’s just about people trying to get computers to do things humans already can do. 

Applicant Tracking System or ATS

An ATS is software for recruiters to track applicants. This helps you to make sure all the details in the application process are stored, and it contains more or less the following functionalities: e-mailing, (automatic) scheduling, search engine, analytics, document parsing.


A chatbot can have simple conversations with candidates. So candidates can contact your company, even when all the recruiters are interviewing candidates, having lunch, are sleeping, etc. To see how that works just surfff to our blog about this cool chatbot!

Digital Interview or Virtual Interview

This is a way for online interviewing candidates. This can be done live; a recruiter can interview candidates through skype or zoom. Or automated;  candidates can answer written questions while being filmed. Some applications can even scan facial expressions & tone of voice. This way of interviewing is very much in development. We’ve written an article about a candidate experience with video interviewing software you’ll see how it works from the candidates’ perspective!

Job post optimization

This is software that helps you to write a better vacancy to attract the candidates you are looking for. Some words actually drive certain candidates away, and some words attract certain people. FE you’ve got feminine and masculine words. If you are looking for more diversity and your team is all-male, you might overuse masculine words in your vacancy, which drive women away. A tool like this points it out and suggests other words that are better suited.

Machine learning

Is when an algorithm improves the desired results by learning. There are self-learning algorithms and ones that learn through supervised learning. Right now we’re teaching STAA to improve the matching algorithm by liking good matches and disliking bad matches.

Matching software

Matching software is software that matches resumes and vacancies to each other. The matching software in STAA scans through the entire database of candidates and matches their resumes to the relevant vacancies. This way you can give your recruitment activities a boost because you don’t have to search for matching candidates manually through Boolean search. You can learn more about how this works in our article about how to make sure your resume gets found by an ATS.

Resume parsing software

Resume parsing software extracts keywords from resumes. This is what STAA does when you upload a CV or vacancy. And this way the information can be sorted, and because of this you can search and search inside an ATS, for example with the help of Boolean search and filters

Through automating repetitive tasks, recruiters will be able to conduct proactive strategic hiring initiatives, set more knowledgeable KPI’s and spend more time with candidates to better understand their psychological profile, and determine the cultural fit. 

We are here to help you if you have any questions about HR Tech and if you are searching for the best technology to use in recruitment. Just write us an email or fill in our application form! ?

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