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Which job boards in the Czech Republic are worthwhile to use? Learn more in this article, and get real information on Job Boards in the Czech Republic. I will show you a graph and, after that, links to all the job boards with some background information.

Job Boards Czech Republic

Are you interested in which job board companies upload the most vacancies? Then you are in the right place. Because we know for sure which job boards supply us with more vacancies and which don’t. Why? Well, we measure precisely how many vacancies our harvesters download from all the job portals STAA crawls.

You can see in our graph named ‘top 10 vacancy sources’, the number of vacancies our harvester has downloaded from these job portals.

Job Board Czech Republic

Biggest Job Board Czech Republic 2020

The biggest job portal is because we could download way more vacancies from that platform than from the others. According to Jobboard Finder, is a generalist Job Board, founded in 1996, has 100+ employees, and it is a national job board in the Czech Republic.

The 2nd biggest job board of Czech Republic

The second biggest job board in the Czech Republic is This generalist job board was founded in 2008; it has between 5 and 9 employees and is a national job board. (source, Jobboard Finder)

The 3rd biggest job board Czech Republic

The third biggest job portal in the Czech Republic is This job board was founded it 1996, has between 10-19 employees, and is solely based in the Czech Republic (source,

The 4th biggest job board in Czech Republic

The fourth-biggest job portal is This is a generalist job board, but there is not more information because the Czech job boards are not available on


5th Job board in Czech Republic

Superkariere is also a national and generalist job board, but there is not more information because it is not available on

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