Automated Recruitment Software

On this page, you can learn about all the features of our automated recruitment software. Our features enable recruiters and salespeople to recruit & sell at lightning speed. 

Recruitment Lead Generation Software

Are you interested in a big list of leads business developers can contact right now? Or would you rather like them to spend hours searching for contact data, wasting their time? Our automated recruitment software helps your recruiters and salespeople sell faster. It finds sales-leads online automatically, so your team can contact leads immediately.

Save time, sell more!


Automated CV Matching Software

Our recruitment automation software matches resumes with vacancies in real-time and all the time. It helps salespeople to see which vacancies are more lucrative, and it helps recruiters by decreasing the time they spend on sourcing. Work faster, work with candidates who are available, place available candidates at (new) clients!

Mass-recruitment Email sending

Our mass e-mail sending feature helps recruiters to contact many candidates at once, in a personal way. Your recruiters can personalize e-mails with shortcodes, and send emails to all the automatically matched candidates for the vacancies they are working on, in seconds. To reach their biggest goal: an inbox full of candidates recruiters can interview immediately. Our recruitment software facilitates automated e-mail sending too!

Spend time with people
Reduce time on software

Recruitment Lead Targeting

Our recruitment software is well suited for precisely targeting and reaching out to interesting leads. Our recruitment lead targeting possibilities are endless. This helps salespeople to target certain companies and send mass e-mails with deals that are tailored to their needs. And it helps salespeople to find and act on opportunities the competition does not think of.

Real-time Vacancy Overview

Our automated recruitment software crawls job boards and displays a handy overview of all the vacancies in the countries you prefer. With our real-time vacancy overview, salespeople, recruiters, and the management have a great overview of everything that happens in the labor market in your country, and other countries your company works in. Identify leads, find great matches for your candidates, and react fast to everything that is happening to thrust your business forward!

Job Market & Database Analytics

Our recruitment software also displays great analytics. For example, our software calculates the top 10 experiences of all your database candidates, so you know on which vacancies you can do your acquisition best, and match them with the top 10 vacancies. Because STAA gives you an overview of that too. Be in control, and take advantage of all the great knowledge our recruitment software gives you.

Direct CV Upload

Our automation goes even further. You can add the Direct CV Upload module to improve your candidate experience. With this automation, you can add our link to your website. Candidates simply upload their CV without extensive form filling and STAA parses all the important details for you to contact them. The candidates can also create an account and adjust their CV, so the results improve even more. And when you automate a welcome message in STAA, candidates immediately receive a warm welcome from you.

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