Most in-demand Jobs Slovakia 2020

In this article, you will learn what the most in-demand Jobs are in Slovakia from March until now. It begins with the most recent month, and it goes back in time when you scroll down. The data in every chart is from the past two months, and every month I highlight the most in-demand profession of that period. 

Most in-demand Jobs Slovakia 2020

I started writing this article in March when the COVID-19 crisis just started. It was an interesting time because you could see the labor market change rapidly. Sadly, I did not begin collecting data a month before the crisis, and lockdown started. It would have been interesting to see what the top 10 vacancies were before, during, and after the crisis. Now we will only see what happened in, and eventually after the crisis.

This article shows you what is happening to the most in-demand professions in Slovakia. Very interesting if you are looking for a secure job if you are an agency owner who is looking for opportunities or any other reason. Knowledge is power, and I love to share it with you.

Juli: Most in-demand Jobs Slovakia


In the past two months, it seems like the Slovakian people are enjoying themselves by eating out a lot. It might be, as there are 131 vacancies for cooks online (see spot number one and ten). And there are a lot of teachers required still. The Warehouseman is now more backward in the list, in the 7th place, while it has been in the first place in March and April, and since then, the Warehouseman hasn’t been higher than the 5th place.

most wanted jobs slovakia

  1. Cook
  2. 1st Grade Elementary Teacher
  3. Educator
  4. Cleaner
  5. Sales Representative
  6. Kindergarten Teacher
  7. Pedagogical Assistant
  8. Warehousemen
  9. Accountant
  10. Cook

June: Most in-demand Jobs Slovakia


That is interesting; there are 277 open vacancies in the educational field in Slovakia. That is a pretty large number. Not sure why, did they let go of a lot of teachers during the crisis because children were at home, or do they suddenly need a lot of teachers for whatever reason? I researched a little bit and found an article from the Slovak Spectator, in 2018 they published an article about the lack of people interested in becoming a teacher.  And this shows it too. In the Netherlands, we are experiencing the same problem, as these positions don’t pay well, and next to that, most people are eaten alive by little kids when they even dare to teach them. Me too. I would never want to be a teacher. I think it is the hardest job ever. But if you have what it takes to become a teacher, your job security will be stable.

most in-demand jobs Slovakia 2020

  1. 1st Grade Elementary school teacher
  2. Cook/chef
  3. Sales representative
  4. Educator
  5. Kindergarten Teacher
  6. Cleaner
  7. Number of employees
  8. Warehouseman
  9. Accountant
  10. 2nd Grade Elementary School Teacher

May: Most in-demand Jobs Slovakia

Teachers & Large recruitment projects

Počet zamestnancov (on the 2nd position) is a vacancy for larger recruitment projects. These words mean, number of employees. So there was a large amount of mass-recruitment projects going on in Slovakia in the past two months.

  1. 1st Grade Elementary School Teacher
  2. Number of employees
  3. Sales representative
  4. Cook/chef
  5. Warehouseman
  6. Cleaner
  7. Educator
  8. Kindergarten Teacher
  9. Administrative Worker
  10. Accountant

April: Most in-demand Jobs Slovakia


What is Skladnik? Yes, I learned that. Skladnik is a warehouseman. We can probably relate the position of this vacancy to the increase in online shopping as follows the translations, from the first, most in-demand job to the lesser most in-demand job.Top 10 vacancies april 2020 Slovakia

  1. Warehouseman
  2. Accountant
  3. Cleaner
  4. Sales representative
  5. Primary school teacher
  6. Truck driver
  7. Nurse/Sitter
  8. Payroll Accountant
  9. Administrative Worker
  10. Cook/chef

March: Most in-demand Jobs Slovakia


What is a Skladnik? I don’t know! It sounds like a sausage or something. But from this graph, you see that Skladniks are very popular nowadays. You should become a Skladnik yourself, great job opportunities there. Sorry for this… I used to live in Slovakia, but my understanding of the language nowadays is.. bad. Scroll past the graph to see the translations.

Trends Recruitment Market 2020 Slovakia

Top 10 vacancies March 2020 Slovakia (source, STAA)

So, the translations, from the first, most in-demand vacancy to the lesser most desired job. Because yeah, they are still in the top ten.

  1. Warehouseman
  2. Accountant
  3. Sales representative
  4. Cleaner
  5. Receptionist
  6. Cook/ chef
  7. Production operator
  8. Administrative worker/support
  9. Teaching assistant
  10. Project manager

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About data collection

All the data that is shown comes from the statistics function in STAA. As STAA crawls many vacancies from the job portals you can read in the article ‘The Biggest Job Boards in Slovakia‘. STAA can show you what the most in-demand jobs are in Slovakia from all the vacancies in STAA from the past two months. However, the number of vacancies is now calculated on the vacancy title, but soon this will be calculated by synonym which will generate better results.

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