Recruitment Automation means Business

Recruitment Automation means Business

In this article, you’ll read what recruitment automation means to your Business. 

Recruitment Automation means Business

Automation is one of the favorite hot topics among recruitment professionals; some of them are even considering it to be a considerable challenge. And with the advancement in technology, things will change for the better in the staffing industry. Because these technological developments are able to provide recruitment agencies tools to outperform in-house recruiters. Unless in-house recruiters have access to more recruitment automation tools…

Solve inefficiencies

Recruitment is not a very efficient business. But tell me, which business really is? And most of these inefficiencies have to do with a lot of manual work. In recruitment people still have to do too much manual work, which could easily be automated. The lack of recruitment automation in their businesses results in: working with a tiny percentage of the candidates in their databases, missing potential candidates and clients. Even a huge number of recruiters still work with excel sheets and word documents.

Gain a higher Margin

Our research shows that only 3% of recruiters’ activities result in tangible results, which is, in most cases, the placement of a candidate. It means that 97% of all their activities are ineffective. This also means that revenue from 3% has to cover 97% of the company’s costs.

If you have a smart recruitment application that can decrease the 97% of ineffective work, you will gain a higher margin for the recruitment company. And you can offer your client some more accessible fees.

How cool is this, right? Because it’s a way to increase margins for agencies and reduce recruitment costs for companies substantially. So with recruitment automation, you can cover a bigger part of the recruitment market and increase the number of placements.

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