Sales-Driven Recruitment Software

Sales-Driven Recruitment Software

Sales-driven recruitment software. Finally, there is some because the usual software types are mostly aiming for candidate focused recruitment tasks. As if salespeople don’t matter, right? I am glad to show you what our recruitment software can do for you! 

Sales-Driven Recruitment Software

In this article, I will explain to you a couple of features featured in our sales-driven recruitment software to really boost your sales! 

I will start with a great feature that our colleagues in Ukraine used to get many leads, offers, and new clients; they had to hire extra recruiters (during COVID-19, WOW!). 

sales-driven recruitment software

That’s what our sales-driven recruitment application can do for you!

Automated Lead Generation

Would you like me to send you a list of leads you can contact immediately? Well, I can but won’t, however, STAA our sales-driven recruitment application will do that for you. How? We created a little something that searches online for contact details the same way you would do, but so much faster and in a very focused manner. 

Because, you know, we tend to fall asleep when we create boring listszz… zzz. With contact details… zzz. 

Real-time Vacancy Overview

sales-driven recruitment software

See more sales opportunities with our real-time overview!

Do you like to know all the online posted vacancies in your country? And how does that benefit sales? 

Well, this real-time vacancy overview allows you to do anything any salesperson could do with all the job market information they could find. For example, it is great for inspiration. One of the salespersons we worked with always got great idea’s for cold calling from STAA (by the way, cold-calling is not really necessary when you use STAA)

But, it’s nice to mention different ways of how people eventually use sales-focused recruitment software. Feel free to use it any way you like! Next to that, with this overview, you immediately see who is hiring. 

And how do you get this overview? Every day, STAA crawls dozens of portals and grabs the latest vacancies available as soon as they come online. 

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High Precision Targeting

sales focused recruitment software

Focus your sales with our recruitment software!

Next to that, you can do a lot with this real-time vacancy overview in your country. Why? Because STAA is a sales-driven recruitment application. That’s why!

With our advanced filters, you can target different types of vacancies with messages of great value. Or something else, you are probably familiar with the ‘vulture’ tactic. Where you spot vacancies that are online for a long time, so you can swoop in with a great deal. 

Get the deal with high precision!

You can create so many different filters in STAA, with many goals and purposes. This way, you can adjust your message to any filter, so the customers really feel the deal is tailored to their needs. 

You can even send an e-mail bomb to companies. One of our salespeople used this tactic and has recently signed a contract with the company that received this. He came in with a bang, and nailed it:)  

Automated Resume Matching


Do you see what our sales-driven recruitment software can do?!

And when you are working your way to your client’s heart, our sales-driven recruitment application has another great trick up its sleeve. Especially for you, you sales-tiger! 

Wouldn’t it be great when you landed the client, the time to fill would be so much shorter? That would be perfect because the sooner the money flows in… I don’t need to explain that to you. So what if your sales-driven recruitment software could tell you for which vacancies you already have candidates you can place immediately? Amazing! 

Monetize at lightning speed!

This way, you can monetize the deal so much faster. In comparison, when you land a client, the recruiters have to source, source a little more and do more of this sourcing stuff. With our sales-driven recruitment app, the recruiters select the best candidates, and they can interview them immediately! 

sales-driven recruitment software

Automated Emailing

Thanks to STAA, reaching out to prospects is much faster and easier. In a couple of minutes, we get stuff done, that would usually take us a week!

So, you got your automatically generated leads in place, your filters are set, and you have candidates matched to your potential clients’ vacancies. Now you can send them messages with our sales-driven recruitment application! 

Create e-mail templates tailored for every deal you want. Connect these messages to all the different filters. Now you can automate e-mail sending to all these filters. 

So for any vacancy that comes online, the leads will receive offers they can’t resist. 

Thanks to STAA, we have contacted more than 2000 potential clients within two months, which led to 50 new contacts per day. +1566% more leads for us!

You must be so curious 


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