How to Find a Job You Love!

find a job you love

In this article, you’ll learn how to find a job you love, quicker than you could ever imagine soon! Read now how you can apply in the future for jobs at lightning speed. 

How to find a job you love!

Finding a job is a tedious task. I know a couple of friends who have had trouble finding jobs. They are all set now, but some went through a lot. One friend just could not set herself to it, and she was unemployed for months. And another friend, who was very serious in this endeavor, managed to apply for two jobs per day while working at a restaurant (for a year!) before she found her dream job.

Why go through this much trouble?

Do you want to apply more relaxed and faster?

Yes, of course. Unfortunately, we are not able to help you yet. Right now, we are developing a platform for job seekers and finding which way we can serve it. So we can help you to apply for jobs quickly and easily.

For now, we can present this idea. We are thinking of creating the following distinction between a Free and Premium platform.

Free Platform

The Free platform is for passive job seeking. This is convenient when you are still in a job, but you open to new opportunities. You upload your CV into STAA and wait for recruiters to contact you. Your resume is available for recruiters who work with STAA, and they know that you are available for a job. When your resume is matched to vacancies, you will receive offers from the recruiters.

Premium Platform

You can use the Free platform as long as you like. But if you are desperate to get an excellent job on short notice, you can purchase a Premium Package. As our costs increase by usage, we have a usage-based fee. So you can buy a package to:

  1. upload more variations of your resume. Because the words you use and the structure of your CV are crucial for the matching algorithms. You might want to apply some changes to your resume, or test which resume gets a better response and generates more matches.
  2. contact a certain amount of vacancies yourself, instead of waiting for a recruiter to contact you.

Hopefully, we can help you to find your dream job soon! Subscribe to the form below, and our social media pages to make sure you will not miss out on the release of this powerful tool. It is specially made for you!

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