Surround yourself only with people lifting you up! Really?

I am reading more and more the advice that, if you would like to improve yourself, you should surround yourself with friends who are better than you. So you need to drop those friends who might not be as good as you.

I discussed this with my son Bob, who was reading the book of Brandon Burchard: “High Performance Habits”. Brandon does not give this advice. There is nothing against attracting people in your circle of friends who outperform you in many ways. Excellent. Learn from them.

Of course.

But letting down your friends who are in trouble, who don’t meet your level of development? Than…what kind of person are you?

Bob said: I am never going to let down my friends. They were there when I needed them, when I was down and not performing very well. And I will be there for them, when they need me.

And guess what…if we want to learn a lot, we can learn as much from high performers as we can learn from under performers.

I am very curious if there are people who will just let their friends down because they start to be more successful in their career as their friends.

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