FREE ATS Resume Scan

FREE ATS Resume Scan

Do you want a Free ATS Resume Scan? We have the perfect tool for you soon! This is a free service that scans your resume, to see how it is parsed and how many matches it generates!

Free ATS Resume Matching Scan

To see if your resume can be parsed well enough, and if matching software is able to match your resume properly to vacancies, you can create an account directly in STAA.

STAA runs your CV and gives direct feedback if your CV is correct or not.  If you have written your resume correctly, and the format works well and, if there are matches, STAA will show you an overview of all the matched vacancies.

Free resume scanning tool

Our free ats scanning tool is not available yet. In the future, you will be able to access it through this link:  free matching & scanning tool.  

When you leave your contact details in this form, and we will let you know when it is available again. And don’t worry about getting spammed, I don’t like receiving many e-mails either. I will only contact you when this feature is ready!

About our Free ATS Scan

Our free ATS scanning tool is extremely advanced. In the following chapters, I will explain how it works, and how it will help you to find your dream job!

Resume parsing

You start by uploading your CV into STAA and creating an account. The account creation is very easy because our parsing software extracts your contact details from your resume. After that, you can see your CV in STAA.

When your CV quality is very good, usually all the fields are filled correctly. When it is not, you can easily adjust your resume to improve the matching.

Resume matching

Usually, you will see many matches immediately. You can simply review all the matches and see which ones you find best!

Vacancy contacting

And when you have purchased the premium package, you will be able to send your resume to all the interesting jobs you want to apply to. The recruiters will be able to see your CV and contact you directly, to schedule an interview so you can apply for your dream job!

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