FREE ATS Resume Scan

FREE ATS Resume Scan

Do you want a Free ATS Resume Scan? We have found the perfect tool for you! And next to that, I give a free service of scanning your resume, to see how it is parsed and how many matches it generates!

Free ATS Resume Scan 

Before you start applying, please make sure your resume is perfect. For this purpose, I’ve found an excellent tool for you. This tool from Jobscan scans your CV and shows what you need to rewrite.

Free Matching Software & Parsing Scan

To see if your resume can be parsed well enough, and if matching software is able to match your resume properly to vacancies, you can send it to me. And I will personally run your resume through STAA. Just send it in an attachment by e-mail to and I will get back at you as soon as possible!

Free Matched Jobs

And if you like, I can send you an overview of all the jobs that might be of interest. I can do this if you are looking for a job in the following countries:

The United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Morocco, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Romania.

Learn more!

Or let us help you find your dream job!

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